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Raw to Refined - DVD

Raw to Refined - DVD
Raw to Refined - DVD
Raw to Refined - DVD

Raw to Refined - DVD




Dispatched by Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage

Total Running Time: 20 Minutes

Audio: English

Watch three makers transform basic materials into beautiful contemporary craft objects.

Working in their own studios, the makers demonstrate glass blowing, coil pots and hammered metal vessels.

Carolyn Genders: Ceramist
Inspired by views around her home, Carolyn creates impressive finished craft pieces by sculpting basic shapes created from coils of clay.

Wayne Meeten: Silversmith
Greatly influenced by the time he spent studying and working in Japan, Wayne creates beautiful silver vessels using hammered metal techniques.

Stuart Akroyd: Contemporary Glass
Stuart makes beautiful glass shapes using traditional glass blowing methods. He uses plants and creatures in the ocean to give him ideas for his work.

Product Code: WAH - Raw

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