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Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Vase 9"

Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Vase 9

Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Vase 9"

£365.00 inc. VAT



Dispatched by Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre

Hand made earthenware pottery vase 120/9" (26cms) height.

The Moorcroft range of Staffordshire Gold is a sight to behold. With each piece hand painted and carefully tube lined with liquid clay, it glistens like precious stones. The colours come from garnets, gold and glass. Designer Alicia Amison has added green to symbolise the filed where the gold was found. The shapes use imagery from a gold helmet, a button fitting and lentoid. This collection is set to attract interest from all over the world as gold fever spreads on the archaeological grapevine, and will form a historic part of Staffordshire’s craft heritage.

Designer, Alicia Amison, is one of Moorcroft’s most accomplished tube liners, and 2011 sees her coming of age as a designer. Since her arrival in 1998, she has designed pieces for our annual open weekend auction each year, with her first catalogue design launched in 2002. Moorcroft have raised an impressive £30,500 towards assisting the Staffordshire Hoard Fund achieve its near £3.285 million target.

Product Code: 11420

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