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Children in Conflict (Exhibition Catalogue)

Children in Conflict (Exhibition Catalogue)

Children in Conflict (Exhibition Catalogue)

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Dispatched by Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage

Between 24 November 2007 and 16 February 2008, Wolverhampton Art Gallery presented a new and challenging exhibition, Children in Conflict, in association with Christian Aid.

This provocative show brought together a group of high profile contemporary artists chosen as their work reflected the theme of conflict and the devastating affect that it has on children on a worldwide scale.

The catalogue, which accompanies the exhibition features full colour plates of all the works exhibited. All the artists selected have engaged with conflicts of the modern era– each in strikingly different ways and each dealing with the very different aspects of conflict.

The exhibition curator Kate Pryor introduces the catalogue, supported by an essay by Angela Weight formerly of the Imperial War Museum and now a freelance writer. Weight reflects on her own experience of commissioning official war artists to document and interpret trips made to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf war, Bosnia, Afganistan and Kosovo, and discusses how artists have responded to the ideals, values and realities of war either from first hand experience or as an observer from afar.

The artists selected use varying mediums including photography from Simon Norfolk and Guy Tillim, a photographic projection by Anthony Haughey, photomontage works by Martha Rosler, a video work from Monika Oeschler, ceramics by Emma Summers and a textile installation by Laura Ford, Children in Conflict also previewed a series of new large scale paintings by John Keane.

Keane was commissioned by Christian Aid to travel to Angola and respond to the situation he encountered there. Keane explores his thoughts through published diary extracts, which introduce and contextualise his new works, completing the catalogue.

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-947642-26-6

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